Spokane River Flow Comments

To submit a comment on the proposed rule for Spokane River flows, click here for Ecology’s on-line form, or e-mail your comments to ann.wessel@ecy.wa.gov

The Dept. of Ecology needs to hear that:
  • The proposed flows are unacceptable.
  • It is imperative to study flows for recreation and scenic beauty.
  • Fish studies must be tailored to the Spokane’s unique habitat and redband trout species.
  • This rule has interstate water allocation consequences – what are they?
  • You care about the Spokane River, Washington’s instream flow program, and the future of our rivers.
For more information, see CELP’s latest Washington Water Watch, preliminary comments, and talking points.
For side-by-side comparisons of flows at key locations in the Spokane River, click here.
Which do you prefer? 
Spokane River flows 2500-1000cfs
2500 cubic feet per second (cfs) supported by river advocates.        Or, 1000 cfs?
The Dept of Ecology proposal is even less:  850 cfs.