Spokane River Rule Summary Comments (preliminary)

On Friday, November 7, we completed the first phase of our campaign to persuade the Department of Ecology to adopt an instream flow rule for the Spokane River that protects all uses of the river. This involved turning out substantial and meaningful public comment on the draft rule. Thank you to the hundreds of people and groups who participated. We await the Department of Ecology’s decision. (Please note: If you submitted a comment and are not listed here, please e-mail your comments to rosborn@celp.org.)  click here to view report

For side-by-side comparisons of flows at key locations in the Spokane River, click here.
Which do you prefer? 
Spokane River flows 2500-1000cfs
2500 cubic feet per second (cfs) supported by river advocates.        Or, 1000 cfs?
The Dept of Ecology proposal is even less:  850 cfs.