2022 A New Year

We want to say THANK YOU for all of your support in 2021. We know it was another difficult year for many people. We are immensely grateful for your donations, time, ideas, and dedication to protecting our waters. With your support, we were able to face challenges head on and continue our work protecting our waters. You make our work possible!

Your generous gifts at the end of 2021 set us up for another year of protecting and restoring Washington’s waters. We exceeded our $15,000 December fundraising goal and raised just over $18,000! A loyal support matched $15,000!

Thanks to the support of our members and partners, we accomplished many victories for our waters in 2021.

  • Successfully encouraged the Depart of Ecology to select the Nooksack River basin (WRIA 1) as well as the Roosevelt Lake and middle tributaries (WRIA 58) as the next Washington basins to be adjudicated in coordination with the Nooksack Indian Tribe and Lummi Nation.
  • Hosted the 3rd annual Clean & Abundant Water Lobby Day. CELP helped pass funding for river basin adjudication, reducing plastic pollution, preventing seabed mining, and water re-use bills.
  • Helped get an approved Watershed plan for WRIA 9 that would replace water used by new permit exemts wells in the Green River watershed.
  • Submitted comments to Ecology in support of their denial of the proposed Golden Eagle water permit to help protect the Skagit River.
  • Reached a settlement with the EPA on the Spokane River PCB’s.
  • Submitted comments to Ecology urging reform of Water Banking and the Trust Water Rights programs to curb water rights speculation.

We look forward to what we’ll accomplish together this year.

We must work together on water issues to make water management more sustainable and more equitable. CELP is taking a hard look at the future of water policy and management and looking at how we can come up with new ways to protect our water resources in a changing climate and changing world.

Climate change is happening now but not everyone is impacted equally. Our current water and environmental policies do not do enough to protect communities of color, who have less secure access to clean, sustainable water resources and disproportionately bear the brunt of climate change. Native Americans have been stewards of our lands and waters since time immemorial and continue to be leaders on climate action, but our systems disproportionately harm them.

As we look forward to our work in 2022, CELP has big goals. We plan to not only continue our work protecting waters in Washington but take a more proactive role in restoring our waters and fighting for sustainable and equitable water policies and management.

CELP will continue to work to ensure our elected legislature and state agencies are working to protect and restore Washington’s waters. Our rivers need not only adequate, but healthy streamflows for salmon, other wildlife, and our communities. We need policies that reflect the difficulty of managing water in a changing climate and changing world.

With your support, CELP is…

  • Uniting citizens and scientists, lawyers and laypersons, tribal governments, agency staff, and advocates to engage in discussions and debates to demand that our water is honored and protected.
  • We are bringing people together and preparing for Clean & Abundant Water Lobby Day 2022.
  • Partnering with Native American Tribes to protect stream flows, honor their treaty rights, and protect tribal fisheries. We will also continue to support river basin adjudication efforts.
  • Increasing water conservation efforts at multiple levels and working on ways to implement water use efficiency standards.
  • Working with stakeholders to stop water speculation and improve our water trust and banking systems.

We are starting 2022 tackling the legislative session and advocating for good water policies. CELP and our partners are hosting our 4th annual Clean & Abundant Waters Lobby Day as a virtual week long event January 31st-February 4th. More information on how to participate coming soon!