Image of Doug Kilgore, Man with grey beard and glasses, standing with drift wood in front of a body of water.

Douglas Kilgore

Doug Kilgore was born and raised in the Connecticut River Valley.  He then traveled west, gathering degrees at Reed College and University of Chicago.   For 20 years he represented janitors and hospital workers as a staff member and elected officer of SEIU Local 6 in Seattle. In 2003 he became the Executive Director of the Worker Owner Council- a Building Trades organization representing interests of workers by engaging companies where pension funds are invested and advocating good corporate governance and fair treatment of workers and suppliers. In 2021 he retired with plans to continue this work as a consultant.

Since 1987 he has lived in Roslyn where he played a leading role in the community organization, RIDGE, prior to its dissolution in 2011.  RIDGE initially focused on reform of Washington forest practice regulations but later turned to land-use and water resource issues in Kittitas County- especially those presented by the development of the Suncadia Resort adjacent to Roslyn. In 2011 RIDGE, Futurewise and the KCCC won a victory at the Washington State Supreme Court that led to a comprehensive settlement of water and land-use regulations in Kittitas County. Between 2014 and 2017 he served on the Roslyn City Council. Doug joined the CELP board in September of 2021.