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Chehalis River Basin Flood Damage Reduction Project May 2020

Chehalis River. Proposed Dam Site. Photo by Shane Anderson

CELP provided comments on the Chehalis River Basin Flood Damage Reduction Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) in opposition to the proposed dam.

“Building any dam would make no practical, environmental, or economic sense, and would violate Washington’s legal obligations under treaties with Indian nations, which have the status of federal law, and the Endangered Species Act. Instead, the state should foster wetland restoration and other resilient designs to make the floodplain safer for people. “

Read our full comments here.

Other Comments and letters over the years

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Comments on the City of Walla Walla draft Report of Examination (ROE). October 4, 2014. /wp-content/uploads/CELP-Comments-on-Walla-Walla-ASR-ROE-10-4-14.pdf

December 2014.

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Comment on Okanogan County Ordinance 2016-5, concerning
determinations of water availability with respect to building permit applications.
December 19, 2016. /wp-content/uploads/CELP-Comments-on-Okanogan-County-Ordinance-No.-2016-5.pdf

Comments on the Department of Ecology’s June 2018 Draft Final Guidance for Determining Net Ecological Benefit (NEB). The Center for Environmental Law and Policy (CELP) and the Deschutes Estuary Restoration Team
(DERT). June 8, 2019. /wp-content/uploads/Comments-on-Draft-Final-NEB-Guidance.pdf