Our Work

CELP’s vision for the future is that Washington State will have adequate and sustainable water supplies to support healthy ecosystems, thriving fish and wildlife, and robust communities.

CELP works to achieve this through hands-on assistance to citizen activists, tribes, and communities working to save their drinking water and rivers. We work to protect, preserve, and restore waters cross the state through policy reform, agency advocacy, education and outreach, and public interest litigation.

We educate Washington’s citizens and public officials about threats to our rivers, streams and aquifers, and promote public stewardship of our state water resources.

We work with state agencies to make sure that decisions about how we use our water take environmental impacts into consideration. We work with key legislators to create sustainable laws and policies. We gather partner organizations and people from across the state to lobby for bills that protect our waters.

We engage in public interest litigation to make sure that good laws are enforced.

We collect water stories, heartfelt, personal celebrations of water, to highlight the vital importance of healthy amounts of clean, flowing water in our communities.

CELP’s Voices for Water project provides a written and visual record of individuals who have contributed significantly to protecting the rivers and drinking-water aquifers of Washington State and the Columbia River Basin.

Victories over the years.