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Love Letter to the Green (Duwamish) River

by Pat Sumption I didn’t mean to fall in love with the Green River. It just happened. It just grew like Topsy. My first (and greatest) love of the Natural World was the Pacific Ocean, and its beaches. Then I…

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Dave McCoy Shares His Water Story

Dave is the owner of Emerald Water Anglers and Dave McCoy Photography. He also serves in both the Patagonia and Costa Ambassador Programs and is a proud dad. Q: What is your relationship to water? A: I was basically raised…

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Penny Mabie Shares Her Water Story

Penny is a Project Manager for the consulting firm Enviro Issues, passionate fly angler, and all around conservationist. I’ve loved water all my life. We swam and boated in crystal clear lakes in NH when I was a kid. I…

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Bridget Moran Shares Her Water Story

Bridget is a conservationist, writer, and natural resource field technician who also managers both North Sound Trout Unlimited and North Sound Women on the Fly. Water’s behavior is utterly lawless. She moves wherever and whenever she damn well pleases. She…

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Josh Mills Shares His Water Story

A resident of Spokane, Josh is statewide activist, conservation writer, and board member of the Wild Steelhead Coalition. You can find him on the water pursuing anadromous fish or writing for his blog: Chucking Line & Chasing Tail. Josh is…

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Maria Anderson Shares Her Water Story

Maria is the Farm Manager at Elk Run Farm which grows fruits, vegetables, and herbs for the 13 food banks of the South King County Food Coalition. Located on 4.5 acres of an old golf course in suburban Maple Valley,…

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Michelle Magers Shares Her Water Story

Michelle is a Spokane resident who grew up on a ranch in southwestern Montana and has a love for spending time outdoors. Q: What is your relationship to water? A: Growing up on a ranch in the mountains of southwestern…

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Nicole Harris Shares Her Water Story

Nicole is an educator, Eastern Washington resident, and Snoqualmie Tribal Member. Water has always held a special role in my life. Since I was a child, I have always known water to be a place gathering and enjoying company of…

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Anne Shaffer Shares Her Water Story

Anne Shaffer is the Executive Director & Lead Scientist of the Coastal Watershed Institute. I was raised in a large family in a small town in eastern Washington ravaged by PTSD of post WWII. Wild lands, including rivers creeks and…

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