Publications and Papers

Over the years CELP’s research, white papers, and publications have helped influence and change policies and legislation to better manage and protect our water resources.

The Center for Environmental Law & Policy’s Columbia River Vision: Strong and Sustainable Management of Washington’s Waters. November 2000.

Dereliction of Duty: Washington’s Failure to Protect our Shared Waters. March 2002.

Water is Worth It- A Report by the Center for Environmental Law & Policy. February 2005.

Washington State Water Law Developments. Rachael Paschal Osborn. 2008.

Native American Winters Doctrine and Stevens Treaty Water Rights: Recognition, Quantification, Management. Rachael Paschal Osborn. January 2009.

Hydraulic Continuity in Washington Water Law. Rachael Paschal Osborn. 2010.

Climate Change and the Columbia River Treaty – Rachael Paschal Osborn. 2012.

Proposed Water Management Strategies to Protect Instream Flows and Provide Water for Rural Development. June 2014.

No Quick Fixes to Competing Demands for Water: Swinomish Indian Tribal Community v. Department of Ecology. Suzanne Skinner, Executive Director, Center for Environmental Law and Policy. June 2014.

Living Within our Water Means: Protecting Instream Resources in Washington. Dan Von Seggern. March 2016.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Water Right: Washignton’s Waters are Already Over-Allocated, Use of a “Value-based” Impairment Standard Would Create Further Problems. Dan Von Seggern. April 2016.