Urge your Representatives to Support Salmon Recovery

Salmon are in trouble! You can help!

We are working to make certain there will be salmon for the next seven generations“- Lorraine Loomis

Some Puget Sound salmon species have declined by 90% compared to historical populations. To avoid extinction, bold action is needed now.

The Governor’s Salmon Recovery package is a good starting point. The Lorraine Loomis Act (HB 1838), named after longtime salmon champion, Lorraine Loomis (Swinomish Tribe, and Chair of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission) requires properly functioning riparian management zones around rivers and streams, including healthy vegetation to maintain cool waters essential to salmon habitat. It also increases the focus on salmon recovery in land use planning for the future, with important financial assistance, monitoring, and accountability to address the urgency of the salmon crisis.

The Lorraine Loomis Act is a top legislative priority for the Tribes and environmental organizations. CELP supports this bill and stands behind the Tribes. Requiring green corridors for riparian lands will protect salmon and clean and abundant water, protect indigenous and Tribal Treaty rights to fish, and ensure more healthy and resilient ecosystems that will better withstand the effects of our changing climate.

Salmon are a keystone species connecting everything. Their wellbeing is intertwined with our environment, economy, culture, and more. Our future must include salmon in Washington.

Salmon need your help! Your voice is critical to helping pass this bill. Legislators need to hear from you. Salmon are on the verge of extinction, so we must act now.

ACT NOW! Support this important legislation by emailing your House Representatives. Find your legislative district, email your Representatives, and urge them to support HB 1838!