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Ecology Updates Water Status for the State

On July 5, 2023, The Washington Department of Ecology issued a statewide drought advisory. The warmest May on record, coupled with an abnormally dry spring and early summer, has resulted in quickly declining water supplies and have prompted the Department of Ecology to issue a statewide drought advisory.

A drought advisory provides early warning of a possible drought. It promotes awareness and readiness for water users in areas where drought conditions are developing. Drought advisories are informational only and include no emergency authorizations or funding.

In a release dated July 12, 2023,  Ecology announced current water curtailments for junior water rights holders in Eastern Washington. These areas include:

  • Asotin Creek  
  • Cow Creek 
  • Entiat River 
  • Little Spokane River 
  • Marshall Creek 
  • Methow River 
  • Okanogan-Similkameen River 
  • Walla Walla River mainstem 
  • Wenatchee River 
  • Yakima River 

More curtailments are expected, as is another update regarding the statewide drought status. Read more about the drought advisory here and conditions in Eastern Washington here.

For more information on the health of our water supply see these pages:

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