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Water Conservation

DYK?: Americans use more water per capita than any other nation, but it is easy to do your part to protect our precious water resources.   

Why Water Conservation Matters

Water is a finite resource. The supply here on Earth today is the same as it was when our planet was formed. Only 0.5% of all the water on Earth is available and fresh.

About 4 billion people—representing nearly two-thirds of the global population—currently experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year. The climate crisis will only make this worse as droughts intensify, weather patterns shift, and rising sea levels infiltrate fresh water supplies.

70% of the world’s supply of freshwater is used for agriculture. By 2050, to feed a swelling human population, we will require an estimated 50% increase in agricultural production and a 15% increase in water withdrawals.

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Think Global. Act Local.

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