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Woman in pink jacket and glasses stands in front of a river and trees

Trish Rolfe (she/her)

Prior to joining CELP, Trish Rolfe spent the last 10 years working on environmental policy issues in Alaska as Executive Director for Trustees for Alaska, and Alaska Manager for Sierra Club. She brings a deep background in and passion for environmental issues, and has extensive experience managing staff, budgets and campaigns. She earned her BA from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog.

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Image of Maggie, in a red hoodie and blue baseball hat in front of a river and trees.

Maggie Franquemont (she/her)

Maggie has been passionate about water conservation since she was a small child growing up on Colorado’s Front Range. She took a circuitous path to Washington through Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon earning her B.S. in Land Rehabilitation from Montana State University, working for Yellowstone and Mount Rainier National Parks, and earning her J.D. from University of Oregon along the way. Maggie has focused her legal career on Environmental & Natural Resource Law as well as Ocean & Coastal Law. She is passionate about everything water and is thrilled to be working with CELP to protect Washington’s water resources. She is an avid skier, paddler, and rock climber and also spends time backpacking, painting, and sewing. Her favorite river in Washington is whichever one she is headed to next, and her favorite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus.

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Robyn Lynn (she/her)

Robyn was born and raised in the Seattle area and has spent her life playing on the trails, beaches, and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. She loves exploring the connection between people and place and how our time in nature has the capacity to heal us. She has a MA in Creative Writing-Nonfiction and enjoys using her love for words to engage people in becoming better stewards of the natural world. Robyn is a beekeeper, chicken herder, and gardener in her spare time, and knits complicated Irish sweaters for stress relief. She lives on 5 acres of forest on the Tulalip Reservation that she cares for with her service dog in training, Fionn and her partner, Neil.

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