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Washington Waters Lobby Day – SUCCESS!

2024 LOBBY DAY Sponsored by:
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Deschutes Estuary Restoration Team (DERT)

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance

Spokane Riverkeeper

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RE Sources

On Thursday, February 1, 2024, participants from 5 environmental organizations joined together to support Washington’s waters. We spent the morning learning about 6 bills in the areas of pollution, water conservation, agriculture and beaver protection, and how to approach their Senators and  Representatives before attending meetings throughout the day. It was a beautiful, energetic, hopeful day spent at the Capital and we continue to watch these issues closely.

⭐Lobby Day By the Numbers⭐
This year, our 47 constituents and organization advocates were able to meet with 18 legislators and staff members representing 12 districts to educate on and advocate for six legislative priorities.  An extra special shoutout to our 18 youth advocates from Archbishop Murphy High School for their excellent work lobbying for District 44!  (Thanks to our friends at Re Sources for these stats! )

Click on the below images to read the fact sheets distributed to participants

February 7, 2024  updates: 

💧SB 5931 6PPD Tire Dust (Support) – PASSED 40-9 in Senate (2/6)!!!

💧HB 2049 Re-WRAP (Support) – Referred to House Rules 2 for Review (2/5)

💧HB 2070 CuRB Pollution (Support) – Referred to Appropriations (1/31), missed fiscal cutoff— watch for this next year!

💧SB 5517 Water Resource Mitigation (Oppose) – Senate Ways & Means, hearing (1/22)

💧SB 5846 Beaver Bill (Support) – Senate Ways & Means (1/26), missed fiscal cutoff

💧HB 2288 Loosening Ag Pollution Regs (Oppose) – No movement after first reading 1/10, missed fiscal cutoff

We thank the below Senators and Representatives for their time and attention to our concerns about Washington’s waters:

  • Sen. Wilson (facilitated by Twin Harbors Waterkeeper)
  • Sen. Warnick (CELP)
  • Sen. Lovelett staff  (Re Sources)
  • Sen. Frame staff ( Twin Harbors/Puget Soundkeeper)
  • Sen. Van de Wege (Twin Harbors/CELP)
  • Sen. MacEwen staff (DERT)
  • Sen. Liias staff (CELP)
  • Sen. Sam Hunt staff (DERT)
  • Sen. Drew Hansen (Twin Harbors)
  • Sen. Shewmake staff (Re Sources)
  • Sen. Robinson (CELP)
  • Rep. Ormsby (CELP)
  • Rep. Peterson (Puget Soundkeeper)
  • Rep. Rule (Re Sources)
  • Rep. Reed (Twin Harbors/Puget Soundkeeper)
  • Rep. Bateman (DERT)
  • Rep. Berry (Twin Harbors/Puget Soundkeeper)
  • Rep. Lowe (Puget Soundkeeper)
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