Image of a woman standing in green field with mountains in the background.

Lori Carpenter

Lori Carpenter is a senior professional wetland scientist, certified by the Society of Wetland Scientists and is an FAA certified unmanned pilot. She has worked extensively as a wetland hydrologist and regulatory scientist within surface waters and the vadose zone in the arid west. Her work focuses on watershed functions of wetland and stream environment zones within aquatic resource delineations and mitigation projects which includes water rights, land use and habitat assessments. She studied surface water hydrology and chemistry at the University of Nevada, Reno and then followed with a Master of Science degree in Hydrology and Hydrogeology assessing climatic conditions that form seasonal wetlands. She utilizes drones with remote sensing to better understand watershed conditions via vegetation and habitat mapping at the field spatial scale, cross referenced with Landsat imagery. Lori joined the CELP board in December of 2021.