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Comment: Snohomish County’s Draft Water Code

Following the 'Hirst Decision' (2016) and RCW 90.94 (2018), Snohomish County found it's county code out of compliance. As a result, all rural development had to stop until a new way to move forward with issuing building permits, without allowing…

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Comment: Crown Columbia Water Resources

Crown Columbia Water Resources, LLC (Crown Columbia) is a so-called “water banking operation” that holds a portfolio of water rights to use for mitigation for future uses. Crown Columbia is affiliated with a larger corporation called Petrus Partners Ltd., based…

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Comment: Advocating for Nooksack River Adjudication

During the 2019 legislative session, the state directed and provided funding to the Department of Ecology to assess watersheds that would benefit most from a water right adjudication process. Adjudication is one tool in our water management toolbox. It is…

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Comment: Goldendale Energy Storage Project

Rye Development plans to build the most extensive pumped-storage hydroelectric development in the Pacific Northwest. Energy generated from the project will be sent to the grid at the nearby John Day Substation in Oregon to provide power when other renewable…

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Water Heroes 2018

Sara Foster, Laura Leigh Brakke, David Stalheim, Eric Hirst, Wendy Harris These five honorees started out as concerned citizens who simply saw an issue and asked what they could do. Their tenacity eventually brought them to the Washington Supreme Court…

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