Josh Mills

A resident of Spokane, Josh is statewide activist, conservation writer, and board member of the Wild Steelhead Coalition – you can find him on the water pursuing anadromous fish, or writing for his blog: Chucking Line & Chasing Tail. Josh is a champion for public water and land, and we’re excited to share a little about him!

Q: What is the significance of water in your life?

A: Water is the conduit for adventure in my life.  It seems that every time I put my raft in the water or step my boots into the flow, I am about to embark on something more than just fun.  Water and the flow of a river slow the world down for me, allowing me to focus on what’s a hand and quiet the world around me. In quick time, it becomes just about the river, my fly and the fish I’m after. 

Q: What is your favorite watershed in Washington?

A: My favorite watershed is the Grande Ronde River in SE Washington.  It’s the river that feels like home.  It’s where I caught my first steelhead from and it’s where I spend a great deal of my time in the fall and winter.  I know each turn in the river intimately and I feel compelled to be an advocate for it and it’s fish.

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